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Florida 2019: Friday with Paul

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by Paul Elliott

Michael Fremer gets the alignment right and cuts the ribbon to open the first Florida Audio Expo!

All the work Alan and his team has now come together and the show opened to the public at 10 am.  A good steady stream of head off to the exhibit rooms.

Tortuga Audio

It’s hard to decide where to start (way too much stress), so I randomly fell into the Tortuga Audio room.  Morten Sissener has and interesting take on an old idea of using LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) for controlling volume. … Read the full article

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JVC Exofield Technology

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An Xtraordinary Audio Revolution

by Venoth Nair


JVC Exofield
JVC’s EXOFIELD technology can make this pair of headphone sound like a pair of speakers infront of you


JVC has had a long line of success when it comes to headphones, producing an exhaustive list of high quality, superior performance in ear, on ear and over ear designs. They were one of the leaders in the use of wood as a driver material which lead to their highly acclaimed wood series which is now a must have for headphone enthusiast.… Read the full article

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