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Celebration Giveaway 23: Pro-Ject Audio Systems Stream Box S2 Ultra

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We continue our $50k gear giveaway with the Pro-Ject Audio Systems Stream Box S2 Ultra. Just keep reading and enter the giveaway!

Last week’s Winners

The Violectric V200 amplifier giveaway of course had many entries but there can be only one winner. This week that is Benjamin Russell from the USA. Congratulations. You’ll be contacted very soon, please get in touch.

Number 23

As promised and explained earlier, we’ll be doing a year long of weekly giveaways and last September was the start of our 52-week celebration.… Read the full article

Pro-Ject’s Stream Box S2 Ultra is full of surprises

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Turntables and flowers – a familiar sight for those visiting Pro-Ject’s large display at Munich High-End. This year, CEO and founder Heinz Lichtenegger’s standing as the world’s largest turntable manufacturer grew a little further with the news that he has acquired UK electronics manufacturer Musical Fidelity and Music Hall (for whom Pro-Ject previously handled OEM).

Taking aim at a younger, hipper demographic is Pro-Ject’s increasingly large army of electronics. Here we zoom in on the latest model. The Stream Box Ultra S2 is a Raspberry Pi-based network bridge – wifi/Ethernet in, ‘optimised’ USB out – loaded with low noise power supplies that have this fist-sized unit do double duty as a USB pipe cleaner (think: Schiit Wyrd more than AudioQuest Jitterbug).… Read the full article

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