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Well Pleased AV, Rethm, Qualiton, Aqua, Innuos, GigaWatt, Swisscables, SGR Hifi Racks | AXPONA 2019

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AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by the LSA Group

CHICAGO (PTA) — Mark Sossa of Well Pleased Audio Vida once again demonstrated a stellar stable of components and show-stopping sound. Rethm loudspeakers continue to dominate my personal point-source category, Qualiton, Aqua, and Innuos make quick work of the hi-res streaming, while GigaWatt, Swisscables, and SGR Hifi Racks do more than support the system.


The big story is Jacob George’s new Rethm Maarga v2 loudspeaker. The updated Maarga now has a more advanced and in simple terms longer re-routed horn loaded labyrinth.… Read the full article

AXPONA 2019: Must See Rooms, Sunday (Day Three)

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CHICAGO (PTA) — This year’s AXPONA audio show is already on course to be their biggest, and most newsworthy yet. Lots of product debuts are happening at this show, and we’re committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage of what’s NEW and out-of-this-world in the hi-fi universe.

Let’s continue with the Must See Rooms for Sunday (Day Three) of Axpona 2019

ROOM #488 — Vinnie Rossi, Triode Wire Labs

Absolutely shocking! Vinnie Rossi debuts a new open-baffle speaker that does so well to tell you the truth, each recording carries with it only the studio’s personality.… Read the full article

Rowen Absolute MONO | Mini-Review

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Who is Rowen?

Every dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying, worldly audiophile knows of all the significant audio companies coming out of that highly regarded Alpine nation, right? Well, maybe not. Not only is Rowen a major player (website) in the Swiss audio market, it also boasts a 47-year unbroken heritage, successfully passing the flame from one generation to the next. Rowen is uncommon in that they manufacture high-end amps and speakers. This advantages them in knowing the demands both impose on each other.… Read the full article

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RMAF 2018: Innuos Statement at Well Pleased AV

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Well Pleased AV was showcasing some spectacular sound, courtesy of some Qln loudspeakers, their Prestige Three floor standers. Some details: 8Ω, 87dB, down to 28Hz, $9,999/pair. Unassuming appearance, but with spooky-good imaging, the Qln speakers made the music eye-poppingly entertaining, and the overall sound in the room was a strong entry for best-in-show.

The other leading-role lineup in this room included the LinnenberG Telemann Pre ($5,600), the LinnenberG WIDOR amplifier ($19,000 — 150w @ 8Ω/250 @ 4Ω), an Aqua Hi-Fi Formula xHD DAC ($16,500), a Gigawatt PC-4 EVO+ power conditioner (10,300), and a whole loom of Swisscables.… Read the full article

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