RMAF 2018: Innuos Statement at Well Pleased AV

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Well Pleased AV was showcasing some spectacular sound, courtesy of some Qln loudspeakers, their Prestige Three floor standers. Some details: 8Ω, 87dB, down to 28Hz, $9,999/pair. Unassuming appearance, but with spooky-good imaging, the Qln speakers made the music eye-poppingly entertaining, and the overall sound in the room was a strong entry for best-in-show.

The other leading-role lineup in this room included the LinnenberG Telemann Pre ($5,600), the LinnenberG WIDOR amplifier ($19,000 — 150w @ 8Ω/250 @ 4Ω), an Aqua Hi-Fi Formula xHD DAC ($16,500), a Gigawatt PC-4 EVO+ power conditioner (10,300), and a whole loom of Swisscables.… Read the full article