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How We Listen

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(Roger Skoff writes about getting the most from our audio hobby.)

Many years ago, Stereophile, to get a better handle on its marketing, had a study done to find out who and how many its readers were. One of the (then-surprising) things that study turned-up was the fact that almost all (well more than 90%) of Stereophile’s readers, both direct and pass-through, were male.

After that information was released, I and some of my audio reviewer friends found ourselves at CES, wondering why that might be, and two of us (who, besides being major-magazine reviewers, were licensed clinical psychologists) offered the thought that, just as men and women are known to hear differently (with women generally having better and more extended high-frequency response), it might also be that men and women listen differently.… Read the full article

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Thom Mackris: exaSound DACs

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This guest article is by Thom Mackris, head honcho at Galibier Design. PF Senior Associate Editor Lynn Olson shared it with me right after Thom published his comments on a very recent three-hour listening session that he had with Lynn. They were doing some listening comparisons with exaSound DACs; the comments below summarize Thom’s take on what they heard.

Thom’s article is re-published here with his kind permission.

Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

And now for something completely different … auditioning DACs.… Read the full article

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A Transition from iTunes and Hi-Resolution Players to Roon

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Why is that with all the music we have access to, we still play the same 50 albums?

I grew up in a time of Hi-Fi that I thought was the golden age. It wasn’t centered on the gear… it was all we had, but was centered on the music. I suppose we all have that same sense of nostalgia, whether gear or music.

My family’s system was a huge Kenwood SS receiver, tape deck, Technics SL-1200, and a pair of Acoustic Research AR2s, or at least as I can still imagine it.… Read the full article

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Women in Audio

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This article originally ran in Issue 41 of Positive Feedback, January/February 2009. This was the precursor to my last article, HERE.


So …what do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was in the first grade my class took a field trip to the fire station. At the time I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, the firemen got to live at the station and when there was a fire they got to slide down a pole …inside!… Read the full article

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Surround Music in the 21st Century

By | July 26th, 2019|Categories: Positive Feedback|Tags: , |

Lynn Olson and Thom Mackris, RMAF 2015

Let’s start with a skeptical view from Steve Guttenberg, who’s been around the block more than once:

Steve’s got a point. Surround music has failed in the marketplace not once, but twice. The first was a ten-year window in the Seventies, with the LP-based QS, SQ, and CD-4 systems, and the second time in the 2000s, with the commercial failure of DVD-A and SACD. Now, don’t be too hasty, you might think, but SACDs were intended to replace CDs, but they didn’t, surviving instead in a (very) small niche market.… Read the full article

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My Journey Into Audio – Pandora Pang

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Original version published Feb 20, 2015. Revised after stumbling onto Positive Feedback’s Carol Clark’s recent post, My Journey into Audio

Pandora, Carol Clark (image by David Clark, Positive Feedback)

It looked like Carol recently had a similar experience as I did in 2015 that “left [her] stewing.” We have been friends with Dave and Carol for years with shared interests outside of audio: wine tasting, child-brain education, and of late, art. I adore Dave’s smarts, his dry humor with quick wit, and his meticulous attention to subjects he is interested in, while Carol’s quiet and calm intellect captivates me.… Read the full article

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Which Way to Run a Cable?

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Roger Skoff writes about everybody’d favorite controversial product

While the debate continues on the internet over whether different cables sound different, those of us with the ears and listening skills to hear it and the systems and listening environments of sufficient resolution to show it know that it’s not just different cables that sound different, but that even the same cable, hooked-up differently, can make for clear and obvious differences in the sound of our music.

The issue—one that definitely matters but that also definitely shrieks of “voodoo” and “snake oil” even to many audiophiles—is cable directionality.… Read the full article

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My Journey Into Audio

By | July 8th, 2019|Categories: Positive Feedback|Tags: , |

I heard an interesting theory last year at the California Audio Show. Basically, I was informed that women aren’t audiophiles because they’re not wired that way. It seems boys spend time with their fathers working on cars, taking things apart and putting them back together, and are thus programmed to be gear heads. Girls, on the other hand, spend time with other girls painting their nails, and gushing over boys, and are not at all inclined to listen to stereos. In situations like these, instead of striking back with angry denials, I strive to acknowledge that people are entitled to their own opinions.… Read the full article

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