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Toronto Audiofest 2018 Show Report (Part 2)

By | October 26th, 2018|Categories: Wall of sound|Tags: , , , , , |

Continuing my show coverage…

The most visually pleasing room I saw (overall), belonged to our friends at Charisma Audio. This setup looked and sounded great, with the beautiful Audio Space LS5/9 Ebony monitors, Audio Space monoblocks, and Well-Tempered Lab’s stylish new Amadeus 254 turntable. As at previous shows, there were two complete systems, this time each sitting on a stunning Codia Diagon rack. Unfortunately I only saw Bernard Li briefly on Saturday, and we missed each other when I was at the Charisma room on Sunday; we will follow up – especially about Charisma’s brand-new Musiko tonearm!… Read the full article

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Toronto Audiofest 2018 Show Report (Part 1)

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Toronto Airport Westin Hotel

The good news is that this year, Toronto got an audio show similar to what Montreal has been enjoying for years. It was well-organized, well-attended, with a fine array of exhibitors (also some notable absences), and maybe most importantly, the layout and location were excellent. The focus was on two-channel audio, and many of the rooms were able to achieve great sound. Admission was free. And the mood was decidedly upbeat this year, especially since for the last couple of years, the now-defunct TAVES show really struggled to attend to the needs of audiophiles.… Read the full article

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