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Florida 2019: The Audio Company, Von Schweikert, VAC, Esoteric, Airtight, Kronos, Critical Mass, Clearaudio, and Masterbuilt

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They’ve done it again! The Audio Company of Marietta, Georgia USA is without a doubt, one of the premier exhibitors of Von Schweikert, VAC, Esoteric, Airtight, Kronos, Critical Mass, Clearaudio, and Masterbuilt products. Jim, Gordon, and Keith take the Florida Audio Expo by “sonic-storm”, and leave many a show-going jaw dropped.

Holding court in the largest exhibit room within the Embassy Suites main hotel, The Audio Company set out to eliminate all the competition by assembling one of the more beautiful looking and sounding exhibits I’ve encountered.… Read the full article

Florida 2019: Integrity Sound, Parasound, Martin Logan, Rega, Aurender, AudioQuest

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Parasound shows off some incredible new products, Martin Logan stands tall as ever, Rega and Aurender did the cooking, and AudioQuest set the table.


If there was an award for “most fun and playful atmosphere” at an audio show, Parasound and Martin Logan’s exhibit at the Florida Audio Expo would be tops on my list of nominees. The pairing of Dennis Chern (of Martin Logan) and Phil Jackson (of Parasound, not the Chicago Bulls) is a recipe for great demonstrations, good music, and an engaging and fun atmosphere.… Read the full article

A closer look at the Technics SL-1500C, SL-1200 MK7

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In three of the four Januarys since 2016 Technics announced a new version of the rebooted SL-1200: the G/AE in 2016, built and priced (€3499) for audiophiles; the GR, in 2017, whose pricing (€1499) crosses into DJ territory; and in 2019 the MK7, aimed squarely at DJs, albeit it at a higher price (€899) than many expected. We can now travel down the range to see price drop in accordance with ‘table weight: 18kg to 11.5kg to 7.6kg.

Each SL-1200 is a direct-drive design, featuring a pitch slider for playback speed variation, a strobe light for visual confirmation of speed stability and a target light to illuminate where the stylus meeting the record’s surface.… Read the full article

FLAX 2019 Preview: Sea, Sound, and Sun

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It’s been a record cold winter throughout most of the continental U.S., with only a few regions escaping the Arctic Outbreak of 2019 (mistakenly refereed to as “Polar Vortex” by the mainstream media). What better a time for the warm relief of sunny skies that Tampa, Florida will provide. Where else would you rather be in February? After much anticipation, the Florida Audio Expo (website HERE) has arrived.

Florida Audio Expo | Feb 8th – 10th | Tampa, Florida

This first ever Florida Audio Expo offers free entrance to the general public.… Read the full article

By Our Powers Combined! The McIntosh MTI100 Turntable Integrated

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McIntosh MTI100

Of all the products McIntosh has put out in the past few years this has really caught my attention. The classic McIntosh look embroidered onto a turntable, but wait, are those tubes? Perhaps giving a new definition to the term all-in-one for audiophiles, the newly announced MTI100 actually combines a 80 watt/channel (8 ohms) integrated amplifier with a vinyl turntable… and quite a bit more.

Something old, something new.

At first glance some might take pause at the vibration-sensitive source pushed so close to any other component, but it appears as though McIntosh has really thought the execution though.… Read the full article

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Technics New SL-1200MK7 & SL-1500C Turntables – CES 2019

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There was quite a bit of buzz all week at CES about the new Technics SL-1200MK7 turntable. The proposition perhaps sat in a more inviting manner than even the new audiophile-oriented SL-1500C table did.

The 1200MK7 is more of a DJ-targeted turntable, and the first update in a long while to have a price tag closer to a grand at $1200. Let’s not forget that a DJ actually needs two tables to do the job properly, which puts some of the more recent Technics releases in this category in a somewhat spicy cost bracket for a pair.… Read the full article

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CES 2019: Technics SL-1500 and SL-1200MK7 | First Listen

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Technics continues its re-entry into the turntable arena bringing something for both both the DJ and Audiophile audience with the annoucement of SL-1200MK7 and SL-1500 turntables.

The SL-1200 originally released in 1972 became the standard turntable for DJs for decades. Built on a direct drive system and large platter it provided reliability, speed and stability for clubs. Black dots surrounding its platter and large pitch control button are part of the SL-1200 signature.

Although SL-1200 has seen some updates over the years, its last major update was in 2002 with the release of the 30th Anniversary SL-1200MK5G.… Read the full article

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Vinyl DJs rejoice! Technics announce SL-1200 MK7 turntable

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When Panasonic re-booted the Technics SL-1200 in 2016, they did so for audiophiles as the SL-1200G/AE; and with a build quality and a multi-thousand dollar price tag to match.

When the Japanese company issued the US$1500 SL-1200GR* a year later, they took aim at audiophiles once again, albeit those on a tighter budget. Cashed-up DJs might have taken the bait but this was hardly the affordable workhorse of yesteryear.

Anyone wanting to pick up a pair of DJ-friendly, direct-drive turntables for under a grand would still need to do battle with the scattershot used market (the original SL-1200 was discontinued in 2010) or drop cash on one of the many Hanpin/-type clones spilling via Pioneer, Reloop, Denon, Audio Technica et al.… Read the full article

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Thales Simplicity II Tonearm Review

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Thales-Simplicity-2- Front

On March 27th, 1983, the New York Times published an article titled “Sound; Tonearms: Is Linear Better?”. The article read like a technical paper, more sophisticated than some of today’s articles found in Audiophile magazines. Without too much introduction, the article jumped right into contrasting the pros and cons between tangential versus pivoted tonearms as if it was normal kitchen table talk. But when Sony released the first commercial CD player in 1982, the sale of turntable equipment dwindled in popularity together with vinyl, and the article was the last time mainstream media provided technical coverage on turntable technology.… Read the full article

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RMAF 2018: Kanto TUK debut drops jaws

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Now for something different. A self-contained system. Cleverly implemented into a powered loudspeaker; the new bookshelf or stand mount monitor from Kanto Audio — named TUK (pictured in white, also available in black). The Kanto TUK ($799 pr USD) is destined to be one of the most talked about loudspeakers of 2019 (scheduled to go on sale in January of 2019). Gobs of power and bass force underpin one of the most engaging and exacting top ends I’ve encountered under $1K.… Read the full article

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