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Oppo Does MQA, Klipsch Launches New-Vintage Headphone Amp

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Oppo has never been shy when it comes to new audio software. Extensive exposure to their products over the past 7 years brings a quick name drop of multiple codex, early chipset adoption and a myriad of tech that has always pleased and delighted any fan of the spec page. Now the DAC/AMP/Disc-spinner company is adding MQA to the list, being the first to drop the high resolution folding technology into a Blu-Ray player. The Oppo flagship UDP-205 brings the new capabilities (via a firmware update) for use through the player’s “Music” application.… Read the full article

OPPO Digital add MQA support to UDP-205

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Going ground up, OPPO Digital’s UDP-205 is a D/A converter and a headphone amplifier. Asynchronous (DSD512/PCM768kHz-capable) USB, coaxial and TOSLINK inputs each feed a pair of internalised ESS Labs’ 9038PRO chips to output via balanced XLR, singled-ended RCA on the back panel; or a 6.4mm headphone socket on the front. Multi-channel hi-res content – PCM up to 192kHz, native DSD64 and PCM-converted DSD128 – are also supported.

However, it’s the UDP-205’s optical disc playback capabilities that take it from the ordinary to extra-ordinary: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, regular Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, SACD and Audio CD.… Read the full article

The UDP-205 By Oppo

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There truly is no doubting that Oppo’s recent investments and promises had cleaved the HiFi world in twain. Not long ago, they released the HA-1 DAC and Amp combo, which by rights was an incredible machine, as well as something I personally loved to pieces.

Now, Oppo has opted into the 4K disk player market…but Oppo is Oppo. A mere blu-ray/4K UHD disk player just wasn’t enough. Nope. They had to go in and drop in an excellent, modern ES9038 PRO DAC chips in there…along with a slew of other amazing features and extras for sound qualities…on a video player. … Read the full article

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