Burning Amps and Summer Ghosts: Summertime at PTA

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The Outer Banks, NC

Sea oats dot the dunes along the National Seashore in Salve, NC

Summertime. Hot hazy humid days. But it’s more “wet” than anything else, this year. Still, it’s summer. Time for lolling about, also known as “resting and rejuvenation”. Time to not do chores. Time for memories. Ghosts.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that.” The “that” in question was flames. About 4′ high. Coming out of the back of an amplifier. Amplifier flambé. Good times.

Summer Logo

There’s even a sweet summer logo

In retrospect, it was lucky I was in the room when the amp decided to start its 4th of July Spectacular in my basement.… Read the full article