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Munich High-End 2019: Gold Note’s DS-10 & PH-1000

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We know Italy’s Gold Note best for their IS-1000 super-integrated amplifier: a DAC and MM/MC phono stage that feeds a Class A/B loudspeaker amplification stage. Phil Wright reviewed it here. I previewed it a few months prior; at Munich High-End 2018 (here). I don’t attend shows to listen to gear but to scope out new products for further listening at home.

To this year’s Munich event, Gold Note will bring two new products for our previewing pleasure.… Read the full article

Munich High-End 2019: Thorens goes direct-drive & reel-to-reel

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Bergisch Gladbach. Not a lesser-known internal organ but the German home of Thorens since being acquired a year ago by ex-ELAC/Denon MD Gunter Kürten. To this year’s Munich High-End event in May, Kürten’s revitalised Thorens will bring four new products.

The TD 1600 (€TBC) and TD 1601 (€TBC) turntables are built around the same platform – belt driving motor unit, power supply, wooden plinth, height-adjustable TP 92 tonearm and a sub-chassis suspended via conical springs, any horizontal movement locked out by a steel pin – but the TD 1601 offers a few niceties over the TD 1600: an electrical arm lift, auto shut-off and true balanced (XLR) outputs.… Read the full article

My Ultimate Mono Experience: the Hana SL Cartridge and the ModWright PH 9.0 Phono Stage – Part 2

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Hey, Positive People!

When we last spoke on March 9 in Issue 102 (HERE), I ended the article saying that being so inspired by the sound of the Modwright P9.0 preamp, it led me to purchase quite a few fun vinyl items for discussion in this Part II of Mono-mania! I have a complete mono-ready rig set up which includes the Technics SL1200 MKII turntable with Hana SL mono MC cartridge, coming through the ModWright PH 9.0 tube phono stage (with power supply), which is driven by the Rega Brio integrated amplifier (coming through input 5) and delivered through my Spendor D5 floor speakers.… Read the full article

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Global recorded music market grows 9.7%, shapeshifts

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Tower Records Japan recently announced that the tenth floor of its Shinjuku outlet will be turned over exclusively to vinyl with space for around 70,000 records. Business must be booming. However, not only is vinyl still big in Japan but so are CDs. They occupy the display racks of Tower Records’ numerous other floors. It’s a similar story in the busy Disk Union stores dotted around the city.

This jives with the IFPI’s 2019 report, issued this week, that Japan is not only the second largest market in the world for recorded music – the largest remains the USA – but that 71% of Japan’s revenue comes from physical formats.… Read the full article

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F.U.S.E vinyl box set to sell for £300!

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Dimension Intrusion. A 1993 album from Richie Hawtin released under his F.U.S.E alias, first via his own Plus 8 imprint and later via Warp as part of their Artificial Intelligence series — electronic music refashioned for home listening with sci-fi movies a strong influence.

Twenty-five years on, original CD copies of Dimension Intrusion are still relatively easy to come by. The 2LP version not so much. Even harder to find are vinyl copies that haven’t done a tour of duty in a DJ box.… Read the full article

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Thin White Rope LP Remasters

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Thin White Rope LP Remasters

Thin White Rope

As an expatriate of the People’s Republic of Davis, CA [1984-1993], I must first acknowledge the appearance, at least, of a conflict of interest in reviewing these albums. Full disclosure: I saw Thin White Rope play live dozens of times: in Davis, Sacramento, San Francisco, and LA. I shot handheld VHS tapes of at least two shows (that I can remember), and Lisa Fancher at Frontier Records once promised (threatened?) to make me sign waivers for the footage… even though no one outside the band and its management has ever seen the videos.… Read the full article

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The Voice That Is presents Vertere Acoustics

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For our US readers in Pensylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey — mark your calendars.

Doug White, of The Voice That Is, in cooperation with the Philadelphia Area Audio Group and the New Jersey Audio Society, will host a vinyl event featuring Vertere Acoustics and Touraj Moghaddam, Designer.

The topics of discussion will be analog reproduction, turntable and tonearm design.  A short listening session will follow.

Touraj Moghaddam made his name in hi-fi circles as one of the two founders of the UK’s Roksan Audio, which began making turntables just when LPs were facing decline following the arrival of the CD in the mid-1980s.

Read the full article

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Being Frank about vinyl

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In the above photo, we see Frank Schröder, a Berlin-based tonearm manufacturer of over twenty years, sitting on my couch (in Mitte) and not on his own, 6 km away in Charlottenburg. He has just installed a Zu/Denon DL-103r to a Rega Planar 2 turntable — because if anyone in the world knows how to properly align a cartridge, it’s Schröder.

This Berliner made his first tonearm at 14 years old, sold his first tonearm at 17 years old and joined the world of high-end audio exhibitors in 1999 at the High-End event in Frankfurt (before it relocated to Munich).… Read the full article

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Furutech ASB-1 Anti-static Brush

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A Clean Stroke of Genius

by Venoth Nair


When you’re a Malaysian, (like me) the biggest agony for us daily will be putting up with the dusty environment that we live in. The current thrust towards modernization has reared its ugliest downside which is the plumes of filth in our air which knows no end. This irritant affects everything under the sun, even us audiophiles with our equipment being coated in thick silt which aside from being an eyesore is also detrimental to our systems in more ways than one.… Read the full article

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Darko.Audio podcast #14 – Vinyl

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Get into the groove? With entry-level turntables shipping with their own factory-fitted cartridges, I’m finding it a challenge, especially when sitting them next to entry-level streamers selling for similar cash. A recent poll revealed that many of you feel the same way. What’s going on? Where is that elusive magic that so many vinyl die-hards speak of?

I put this to TONEAudio’s Jeff Dorgay for our first podcast episode of the year. Dorgay is a far, far more experienced vinylphile than I.… Read the full article

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