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Furutech ASB-1 Anti-static Brush

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A Clean Stroke of Genius

by Venoth Nair


When you’re a Malaysian, (like me) the biggest agony for us daily will be putting up with the dusty environment that we live in. The current thrust towards modernization has reared its ugliest downside which is the plumes of filth in our air which knows no end. This irritant affects everything under the sun, even us audiophiles with our equipment being coated in thick silt which aside from being an eyesore is also detrimental to our systems in more ways than one.… Read the full article

Darko.Audio podcast #14 – Vinyl

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Get into the groove? With entry-level turntables shipping with their own factory-fitted cartridges, I’m finding it a challenge, especially when sitting them next to entry-level streamers selling for similar cash. A recent poll revealed that many of you feel the same way. What’s going on? Where is that elusive magic that so many vinyl die-hards speak of?

I put this to TONEAudio’s Jeff Dorgay for our first podcast episode of the year. Dorgay is a far, far more experienced vinylphile than I.… Read the full article

A closer look at the Technics SL-1500C, SL-1200 MK7

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In three of the four Januarys since 2016 Technics announced a new version of the rebooted SL-1200: the G/AE in 2016, built and priced (€3499) for audiophiles; the GR, in 2017, whose pricing (€1499) crosses into DJ territory; and in 2019 the MK7, aimed squarely at DJs, albeit it at a higher price (€899) than many expected. We can now travel down the range to see price drop in accordance with ‘table weight: 18kg to 11.5kg to 7.6kg.

Each SL-1200 is a direct-drive design, featuring a pitch slider for playback speed variation, a strobe light for visual confirmation of speed stability and a target light to illuminate where the stylus meeting the record’s surface.… Read the full article

FLAX 2019 Preview: Sea, Sound, and Sun

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It’s been a record cold winter throughout most of the continental U.S., with only a few regions escaping the Arctic Outbreak of 2019 (mistakenly refereed to as “Polar Vortex” by the mainstream media). What better a time for the warm relief of sunny skies that Tampa, Florida will provide. Where else would you rather be in February? After much anticipation, the Florida Audio Expo (website HERE) has arrived.

Florida Audio Expo | Feb 8th – 10th | Tampa, Florida

This first ever Florida Audio Expo offers free entrance to the general public.… Read the full article

Future-Fi turntablism: the McIntosh MTI100

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So – you’re into vinyl and you want a new hi-fi system? And you’ve already sourced a pair of reasonably efficient loudspeakers?

Let’s get to it.

You’ll need the following equipment: 1) a turntable (obviously); 2) a phono pre-amp to bring the turntable’s signal up to line-level; 3) a pre-amplifier for source selection and volume control (may I suggest tubes?) and; 4) a power amplifier to drive the loudspeakers.

Maybe you might also consider a 5) separate headphone amplifier for late night listening and a 6) D/A converter for your TV, (vintage) CD player that comes equipped with Bluetooth for when your friends drop by?… Read the full article

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Tru-Sweep Anti-Static Dust Cleaner/Sweeper

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We audiophiles love to argue! There’s no shortage of passionate “experts” espousing opinions regarding all things playback. These spirited debates definitely keep our hobby fun and interesting. Digital vs analog, cable believers vs non-believers, gear heads vs music heads, brand loyalists, etc. Just post about your favorite cables on social media and stand back! In a world full of tribalism, political rancor, and divergent opinions on just about every subject you can think of, it is lovely to know there is at least one topic all vinyl loving aficionados can agree on—dust and static are the common enemies of our combined analog bliss.Read the full article

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The Pursuit of Happiness: My Rega Revelations

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Wayne Goins:  a portrait. Salina, KS, 2017. Photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson

In my last article for Positive Feedback, I extolled the virtues of the Modwright PH150 and the surrounding components that completed the rig (PS150 power supply; VPI Prime Scout; LTA Ultralinear amplifier and Microzotl amp; Daedalus Audio Athena v.2 loudspeakers; and a complete set of WyWires cables/interconnects. You can read that earlier article HERE. Near the end of the article, I peered into future possibilities that included, among other things, exploring the sonic capabilities of Hana high- and low-output cartridges. … Read the full article

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