Everybody loves Bluetooth speakers for the portability and ease of use (not to mention their wide-ranging utility). We’ve already listed the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy today, but what about speakers that will survive a splash or a swim?

Now, clearly most people aren’t going to strap a bluetooth speaker on themselves while they’re swimming, but it’s still comforting to know it can endure a spilled drink or an accidental drop into a sink or a pool.

Obviously, waterproof speakers of the past didn’t sound quite as good as non-waterproofed variations, but they’ve slowly been improving over the last few years. Today, they not only sound great, but they have much longer battery life and some are even small enough to fit into your gym bag.

There are many waterproof speakers on the market today, so which one should you pick? Don’t worry, we’ll go over the best waterproof speakers for you, so that you’ll be able to confidently pick the best waterproof speaker for your needs. Let’s dive in.

Here’s a quick glance at our top 10 best waterproof Bluetooth speakers list:

1. JBL Charge 3
2. UE Wonderboom
3. UE Boom 2
4. Fugoo Style
5. JBL Pulse 3
6. UE Megaboom
7. Bose SoundLink Color II
8. UE Roll 2
9. Fugoo Go
10. Philips BT6000 

Below you'll find our choices in full detail. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Shoot us an email. 

The JBL Charge 3 puts forward a compellingly affordable offer. The battery can last more than 20 hours, can charge your mobile device if needed, features the deepest bass of any speaker in this list and is even available at a very agreeable price. However, it’s not exactly the most lightweight speaker, as it is a bit hefty, but bass addicts, who don’t mind carrying around a the added weight of a larger speaker, should seriously consider the Charge 3.  

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Ultimate Ears is one of the best bluetooth speaker manufacturers, so it’s only natural that they’d end up on our list of the best waterproof speakers. The UE Wonderboom stands well above its weight class, not only featuring weighty bass for a speaker so small, but music also sounds balanced and rich. You can even pair the Wonderboom with two devices simultaneously. It may not have the largest soundstage and doesn’t have a speakerphone option, but the Wonderboom still ticks all the right boxes. 

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The UE Boom 2 is the UE Wonderboom’s big brother, offering even more precious decibels and finer detail. It also lasts about 25% longer than the Wonderboom and has useful features, like NFC and aux-in, for older devices. It’s a little bigger and heavier, but with that added bulk it does offer longer battery life. (Oh, and if you want even more umph, the Megaboom – again from Ultimate Ears – is a pretty great choice, as well.)     

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If you still don’t know about Fugoo, you’re certainly missing out on some of the best waterproof speakers in the world. The Fugoo Style not only offers the longest battery life of any speaker on this list, (40 hours!) it also comes in at a tiny one pound. Fugoo’s design philosophy is to offer different ‘jackets’ (Style, Tough or Sport) to fit around its ‘core’ speaker to fit different styles. The Fugoo Style offers a great blend of size, sound fidelity and battery life for an affordable price.  

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In terms of sheer audio prowess, the JBL Pulse 3 was a pleasant surprise. While it’s light show may lead you to believe that it’s all a gimmick, the Pulse 3 actually offers a very well balanced tonal balance: Highs have good extension but are a little rolled off. Bass offers good slam and texture, but bleeds into the mids a little. If you’re not an audiophile, none of this matters – it sounds darn good and gets loud, making it the perfect companion for your next pool party.

If you want a great sounding Bluetooth speaker that’s waterproof and a conversation piece, the JBL Pulse 3 is the speaker to get. 

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The UE Megaboom is at the very peak of Ultimate Ears’ line of waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Its larger size means that the Megaboom can get loud and can last up to 20 hours at a sensible volume. Bass is stronger and richer than its smaller UE Boom 2 and Wonderboom brothers. This is the speaker for anybody who wants to really blare their music at a party. For people who want to save some cash, however, the JBL Charge 3 is half the price and performs similarly.  

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Bose is well known for making fantastic sounding audio equipment, and the SoundLink Color II is no different. This small speaker packs a stealthy punch, providing deep bass with a nice impact, but it obviously can’t match the sound of the larger speakers in this list. Now, while the SoundLink Color II sounds great, you should note that it’s not entirely waterproof. It’ll survive splashes and rain, but you don’t want to drop it in the bath. 

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The UE Roll 2 offers a unique disk form factor that’s perfect for taking to the pool. The speaker comes with its own float, which lets you listen to and control your tunes in the pool, something no other speaker on this list can do. It might not sound quite as good as the UE Wonderboom, as it’s lacking in the bass department, but it’s still a solid sounding speaker. If you don’t care about the form factor and float, however, the UE Wonderboom is the better buy. 

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The Fugoo Go is a unique Bluetooth speaker that comes with a built-in bungee cord, like the UE Roll 2, to help you mount it to different things. The Go can also pair with another Go speaker to play in stereo, something that other speakers on this list can’t do. Sure, UE allows you to pair up multiple speakers for more volume, but you won’t get true stereo playback. While we recommend the Fugoo Style for its class-leading battery life and excellent sound, the Fugoo Go is a good alternative for a lower price.

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The name ‘BT6000’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but this Philips speaker offers a lot for the price. Since it’s a couple of years old now, the BT6000 can also be found for quite a discount, adding to its value. Sure, it might not have the longest battery life and lacks bass at low volumes, but it still sounds great among the newer competition. But, like the Bose SoundLink Color II, users should note that this is a splash-proof only speaker, so don’t dunk it in the pool.

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