But maybe not so hot in the listening room, where you can get absorbed reading the latest issue of Stereophile. The expensive but superb-sounding Wilson Alexia 2 speaker is featured on the cover and reviewed inside, but also inside this issue is a review of the least expensive amplifier we have reviewed in decades, AkitikA’s GT-102, which costs just $314 as a kit and $488 assembled and tested.

Other amplifiers reviewed in this issue come from Anthem, Border Patrol, and Bricasti, Mikey Fremer lives with the Bergmann Galder turntable and Odin tonearm, while our review team offers second opinions on Joseph Audio’s Pulsar speaker, Lamm’s L2.1 Reference preamp, LG’s V30 hi-rez smartphone, and HoloAudio’s Spring D/A processor. Jim Austin bookends the issue with an “As We See it” comparing high-end audio with high-end photography and a report from Clarksdale, Mississippi, home of the Blues and the infamous crossroads.