CES 2017 saw the introduction of Vandersteen’s Quatro Wood CT which now uses the same Carbon Tweeter (CT) as the Model 5A Carbon.

The Quatro Wood CT comprises a three-way passive section consisting of a 165mm woven-fibre cone, a 125mm composite cone midrange and a 25mm carbon coned tweeter, with the low bass delivered by an active section comprised of two 203mm carbon-loaded paper cone bass drivers powered by a Class B amplifier rated at 250-watts. ‘Employing a carbon tweeter allows the Quatro Wood CT to deliver an astonishing amount of air, space and natural purity previously heard only in the Model 5A Carbon and Model 7,’ said a spokesperson in Vandersteen’s room in the Venetian Tower at CES 2017.

The amplifier driving the sub-bass section of the Quatro Wood CT has a 100Hz high-pass filter and 11-band EQ that Vandersteen says ‘offers the ultimate in-room performance optimisation’ ‘High-pass filtering allows the main amplifier to perform better, unburdened of reproducing deep bass, and is also the only way to ensure flat frequency response at the crossover to the powered subwoofer,’ said Vandersteen. ‘Also, whereas passive speakers must be carefully placed to optimise bass, Vandersteen speakers can be placed out in a room where it images best, while the 11-band EQ ensures powerful but perfectly tailored in-room bass performance.’

All Vandersteen speakers are designed and manufactured in Handford, California.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT
Frequency Response: 24Hz – 30kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity: 85dBSPL @ one metre (2.83V input)
Impedance: 8Ω (Nominal)
Crossover: 100Hz/900Hz/5kHz
Price: $US13,900 per pair

For more information, including Australian pricing and availability, contact Vandersteen’s Australian distributor, Sound Reference.