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This week I was going through our database and I was surprised to see the first Chord Mojo article dates back to December 2015 already. 2015…Wow. It seems like only yesterday that the Mojo was launched in a fancy hotel in London. Immediately from the start everyone loved it but unfortunately it took a while for us to get one. As it was taking me too long, I bought a unit from AudioGarden.fr and I have to admit it didn’t blew me away at the start. But it sure impressed Nathan a hell of a lot:

Review: Chord Mojo – The Chosen One

For me it took a while for the Mojo to grow on me. Do I like it now? Yes I do, but do I love it as much as Hugo or Hugo 2? No, I do not. Mojo is an extremely handy device that you can take with you anywhere. On top of that it also works with phones and DAPs and what not and that’s simply awesome.

I love using the Mojo with my IEMs but not so with full sized headphones. I do think the DAC is really nice but if I have a choice I always go the for Hugo 2 or even the SP1000 (as DAC). But yes it is extremely handy, sounds more than good and it’s a whole lot more affordable than the more expensive (but even better sounding) Hugo units.

That’s actually something people have complained to me about: I keep saying/repeating that Hugo is better. I promise to do less so but you know…

A few weeks ago at Canjam London I finally got the opportunity to listen to the Mojo’s new friend, the Poly. Then last Friday I got to listen to it again at the one and only Belgian Personal Audio store, Belhifi. Poly turns your Chord Mojo in to a portable player so to say, but I don’t really see it that way. Why? Because you still need a phone or tablet to control the Mojo/Poly combo. So does it really replace a dedicated DAP like the SP1000? I’m not sure, yet. And size wise you are still carrying around 2 (connected) units and a control unit. So that doesn’t have me convinced either. Yet.

But maybe like Mojo, Poly will grow on me. What I do know already, is that Mojo is here to stay for a whole lot longer. Mojo has been on top since 2015 and I can see it stay there for a couple more years. Easily.

The Mojo? Yeah ok, it’s hot.

Review: Chord Mojo – Hot or Not?

Wayback Wednesday: The Chord Mojo

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