Wilson Benesch collects a CES 2017 Innovation Award for its new A.C.T. One Evolution P1 floorstanding loudspeakers. 

The new Evolution P1 is the fifth iteration of Wilson Benesch’s ‘A.C.T.’ design, dating back almost 30 years to the first A.C.T. loudspeaker, but according to Craig Milnes, design director at Wilson Benesch, this new P1 model has been re-engineered from the ground up. “The resulting impeccable design and flawless craftsmanship have delivered a highly-evolved loudspeaker, with optimal acoustic performance,” he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. “That original loudspeaker the company was the first high-end audio loudspeaker design in the world to deploy a curved carbon fibre composite panel,” he added.

The CES Innovation award was awarded to recognise the first use of blue-coloured carbon fibre in a loudspeaker. ‘The blue-coloured carbon fibre material Wilson Benesch uses in the new A.C.T. One Evolution is not only revolutionary, but also patent protected,’, said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Wilson Benesch in Australia.

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