Dear YG family,

YG Acoustics™ is pleased to unveil Hailey™ 2. Hailey 2 represents a gorgeous marvel of engineering and craftsmanship and the continued innovations of YG Acoustics.

Now, with the addition of YG Acoustics’ revolutionary Billet Dome tweeter and ViseCoil™ bass inductors, Hailey 2’s astonishing sonic performance can only be exceeded by the Sonja 2 and XV series.

Hailey 2.2

The newly developed Hailey 2 is the 2nd generation of the award-winning Hailey. Hailey 2 builds off its heritage with YG Acoustics’ breakthrough technological innovations and secures a new level of excellence from its predecessor.

This Hailey 2 series embodies YG Acoustics’ continued commitment to producing the finest flagship speakers, driving a technical and sonic force in the wonderful world of audio.