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Picture Sunday – The world of Custom IEMs

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In this Picture Sunday post we look at he designs the Custom IEM companies and HFN Staff have come up over the years. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series

Not everyone is into custom IEMs but at HFN we are big fans. We understand not everyone likes the feel of full customs, but comfort and sound-wise, they’re just the best there is.

Of course it all starts with doing this:

Once you have done so correctly, you’ll have a set of these:

And then it’s play time!… Read the full article

Paul McCartney to Frank Sinatra – Engineer and Producer Al Schmitt: AudioStream Podcast No.3

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Welcome to the third episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter has managed to sequester an music-industry legend in producer and studio engineer Al Schmitt, whose deep connection with music spans almost the entire breadth of modern music as we know it.

The Beginner's Guide to Vinyl

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The Beginner's Guide to Vinyl

The Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl: How to Build, Maintain, and Experience a Music Collection in Analog, by Jenna Miles. ISBN-10: 1440598967. ISBN-13: 978-1440598968. Published by Adams Media (2017)


Global Appreciation: 8.5.

Presentation: straightforward, non-deluxe.

Category: music, vinyl record guide.

Format: paperback book. 5.5 x 8.5 inches approx. 256 pages all B&W except for 8 semi-gloss colored pages located half-way plus a few basic diagrams.

Written and researched by Jenna Hanes. Cover Design by Colleen Cunningham.

It’s that time of the year once again and if you are wondering like many I’m sure, what could I possibly give to a friend, spouse or audiophile buddy without breaking the bank?… Read the full article

Accuphase is a smooth operator

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By Lam Seng Fatt


Another reviewer had bought the Accuphase E-470, so I ended up reviewing the lower model, the E-370 which is a 100-watter integrated amplifier.


Victor Pheh of Hi-Fi Creations Trading delivered the E-370 to my house and it took the two of us to carry it from the boot of his car. Accuphase products are heavy and very well made.


Press a button and the panel below the two meters will flip down slowly to reveal lots of buttons.… Read the full article

RMAF 2018: Lee’s Parting Thoughts and Best Of Show

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KEF R Series

I’ve been coming to RMAF almost from the beginning.  Some 14 years later, the show news is that they are moving to the giant Gaylord resort near the Denver airport.  This should be exciting but in many ways I will miss the Denver Tech Center.  It feels a bit like the end of an era in high end audio.  I am sure the new location will take the show to a new level for the hard-working Marjorie Baumert and her team from the Colorado Audio Society.  

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CAF 2018: Vanatoo; Transparent Zero and One Encore

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My first encounter with Vanatoo self-powered speaker systems began here at Capital Audiofest 2014, of which we shall all do our best to forget that was well before my Part-Time Audiophile days, and near the end of my “mobile saloon” days. For the proper story on that, see Mark Sossa of Well Pleased A|V.

Back to the self-powered speakers. Originally I heard a pair of Vanatoo speakers and I was wowed at how large they sounded. Clean and clear bass, smooth treble, and imaging you don’t expect from nearfield or desktop speakers.… Read the full article

Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Stage and Headphone Amp Preview

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Little box, big, ballsy sound.

That’s the first thing you notice about the Cambridge Audio DUO Moving Coil/Moving Magnet Preamplifier with integrated Headphone Amplifier.

The second is the immediacy and resolution to the reproduction. With a weight and full-bodied presentation to piano and guitar, realistic tone, timbre and real meaty depth to percussion that belies it’s budget-conscious pricing.

The detail of mouth movement in relation to a trumpet’s embouchure in Miles Davis’ case on ’Round About Midnight (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Mono, mastered by Krieg Wunderlich and Shawn R.… Read the full article