“Handcrafted In Germany” it proudly says above AVM’s new Rotation R 2.3 belt-drive turntable, with its acrylic Illumine platter softly glowing blue. With its 10″ AVM tonearm, the R 2.3 will cost in the region of $8900 and, fitted with an Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge, did justice to Diana Krall singing “Indeed I Do.” (For what it’s worth, while many showgoers dismiss Krall as an over-exposed pop singer—I’m looking at you, Jason Victor Serinus— I respect both her musicianship and her piano playing.)

The rest of the system comprised Wilson Sabrina speakers driven by an AVM A 8.3 integrated amplifier, which has a tubed preamp section and a MOSFET output stage, and a P 30 phono stage. Cabling was all Nordost.