Andre Moore – Echobox
I’m such a knucklehead, Andre is pronounces like “Ondre” but I can’t seem to get the to stick inside my ADD head. (Well, I mispronounce Steve Guttenberg’s name like the movie star’s and I damned well know that it’s wrong. Duh.) Sorry guys.

Anywho, Andre seemingly walked in through the headphone community door and became an instant insider. He likes to help out and he knows his gadgets, and has made a place for himself behind both exhibitor and show management tables competently on the assist in times of SoCal meets and trade shows. Right from the start Andre didn’t go to the shows, he made himself a part of the show. Great job, mate.

Now he’s found a full-time spot with Echobox. No doubt he’ll be a big assist in this up and coming personal audio company. Big congrats to both Andre and Echobox, the team just got stronger!

Meet Andre!

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