Warren P. Chi – Man of many hats at Head-Fi.org
Back in the days when I was meeting Warren in person for the first few times at shows, I’d often say something like, “Hey, do you remember when so-and-so did such-and-such that one time…hysterical!”

He’d answer, “You gotta remember, Tyll, I’ve only been around for year and a half.”

Warren just felt like part of the family right off the bat.

The guy is whip-crackin’ smart and knows gadgets and markets. I’ve spent a good few hours talking with Warren about all sorts of stuff while at shows; if I’m worrying through some topic in my head about some aspect of how products may change the world of headphones, I make a point of having a chat with Warren. There’s no wonder why Alex Cavalli hired him to be CEO, and I’m stoked he’s now on the Head-Fi team.

Meet Warren Peachy (which is what my head said every time I read his name on posts)

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