Def Tech (Definitive Technology) has released the first three models in its new Demand Series speakers, all of which feature Def Tech’s new offset tweeter design and bass/midrange drivers that are fitted with waveguides and double surrounds.

All three are two-driver, two-way designs. The smallest is the Def Tech D7, which marries a 114mm bass/midrange driver with a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter. A bass reflex design with a rear-facing port, it is rated with a frequency response of 67Hz to 21kHz (–3dB) and a sensitivity of 85dBSPL. It retails for $995 per pair (RRP).

The Def Tech D9 pairs a 133mm bass/midrange driver with a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter. Instead of a bass reflex port, low bass response is augmented by a rear-mounted passive radiator. ‘Integrating the passive bass radiator produces superior low-end extension,’ says Simon Zanin of Advance Audio, which distributes Def Tech in Australia. ‘Plus the addition of a larger spider reduces rocking and increases linearity for deep, tight, clean bass response.’ Def Tech specs the frequency response of the D9 at 64Hz to 22kHz (–3dB) and the sensitivity at 88dBSPL. Retail cost is $1,295 per pair (RRP).

The largest model in the Series, the Def Tech D11, has the same bass radiator and tweeter as the D9, but is fitted with a 165mm diameter bass/midrange driver. The frequency response claimed for it by Def Tech is 61Hz to 22kHz (–3dB) and the sensitivity 90dBSPL. It retails for $1,795 per pair (RRP).

All models have the tweeter offset in the mounting plate by five degrees. ‘This offset delivers a more precise centre stereo image by eliminating undesirable symmetric diffraction off the corners of the front baffle,’ says Zanin. ‘All the bass/midrange drivers in the series have a patented double surround (BDSS) that provides greater excursion and output that results in superior midrange detail and punchier bass compared to drivers of similar size. They also have a patented linear response waveguide that extends frequency response, both on-axis and off-axis, and improves dispersion for more natural midrange timbre and more precise imaging.’

All models in the Def Tech Demand Series have high-gloss black-painted cabinets and baffles made from extruded aluminium that’s been bead-blasted to ensure a timeless look if you use the speaker without their black grilles.

For further information, please contact Advance Audio