Golden Ear’s Triton Reference loudspeakers, released at CES earlier this year, (see our CES coverage of the release HERE) are now available in Australia.

The most obvious difference between the new Reference and previous  Triton models is the hand-rubbed piano gloss-black lacquer finished one-piece monocoque cabinet in place of the somewhat grungy-looking cloth-covering of previous models, but in fact according to Sandy Gross, of Golden Ear, all the components in the Reference, from the active sub-bass drivers and the upper-bass/midrange drivers, to the crossover network to the high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter, are new, having been specifically developed for use in the Reference. He told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, however, that: ‘the subwoofer amplifier and the 56-bit DSP control unit are an evolution of those used in our Triton One and our SuperSubs.’

Bass is delivered by three 153×254mm (6×10 inch) long-throw quadratic sub-bass drivers powered by a Class D amplifier with DSP that Golden Ear rates with a power output of 1,800 watts. The rear energy from these drivers is captured and re-purposed by four 260×242mm passive radiators. According to Gross, the active low-frequency drivers in the Triton Reference have 40 per cent more surface area than the active drivers used in the Triton One, along with larger-diameter voice-coils and an even more massive magnet structure.

Midrange is delivered by two 153mm drivers that incorporate a low-mass voice coil, and a newly-developed cone with a butyl rubber surround. These drivers, too, have large, newly designed, magnet structure that better concentrates the magnet flux in the voice coil gap.

The High-Velocity Folded-Ribbon tweeter fitted to the Triton Reference has a neodymium magnet that’s 50 per cent larger than the magnets used in GoldenEar’s other HVFR tweeters, which Gross told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine improves transient response and increases efficiency. Gross added: ‘There are a myriad of other significant upgrades and refinements, including new internal wiring with a specially developed twist, further development of our signature balanced crossover including film capacitors bridged across the high-pass section on the upper-bass/midrange drivers, a unique proprietary mix of long-fibre lamb’s wool and Dacron for more effective internal damping, intensive work with a high-resolution accelerometer to determine the most effective implementation of complex internal bracing, a 2.5mm-thick steel plate built into the medite base to further stiffen it for increased stability, which results in higher resolution of subtle details, new stainless steel floor spikes and cups….and the list goes on and on.

According to Manny Kyriakides, of Kedcorp, which distributes GoldenEar in Australia, the new Triton References sound very impressive. ‘The bass is rock-solid and the high frequencies silky-smooth,’ he said. ‘Also, the Reference’s extremely high efficiency is a real bonus, because it not only enables superb dynamic range but also allows you to use almost any high-quality amplifier to drive them, including many SET tube amps.’ Available now, the GoldenEar Triton Reference loudspeakers retail for $15,995 per pair (RRP). 

For further information, please contact Kedcorp

Manufacturer’s Specifications: GoldenEar Triton Reference

Frequency Response: 12Hz–35kHz
Efficiency: 93.25dBSPL
Impedance: 8Ω
Built-In Subwoofer: 1,800-watts
Dimensions (WHD): 343×565×1474mm
Price: $15,995 per pair (RRP)