Grand Prix Audio has two new equipment racks. The first is the four-post Monaco Nouvelle (on the left in the photo above, approx. $27,000-$30,000 for a four-shelf rack, depending upon options). Above that is the top-of-the-line four-post Silverstone 4 (on the right, $37,500 for a four-shelf rack that includes the company’s superior Apex ball-bearing feet, and that offers “infinitely adjustable shelves for location and spacing” and even greater damping capacity).

The company has retooled and restructured all of its excellent carbon frames to achieve much larger damper capacity and greater rigidity. Company rep Jesse Luna explained that more carbon results in greater damping and better shielding, while the use of larger dampers allows for greater damping capability.

Although the changes greatly increase prices, Luna called the sum of the changes to the racks “a tremendous upgrade… The four-legged racks create a far blacker background, with far more depth and air between rounded images.” Even more sonic improvements can be obtained by upgrading acrylic shelving to carbon-fiber Kevlar formula shelves.