Klipsch’s RW-1 wireless speakers were reviewed as part of a wireless speaker group in Sound+Image Vol 30 #3. You can read the whole comparative test by clicking on the image above, while all the response measurements have been published here

Klipsch RW-1
$449 each, $898 pair

+  Good tonal balance
+  Surprising bass extension
+  Very compact

–   Can’t play direct inputs in stereo
–   Can’t supplement bass with subwoofer
–   No gapless playback

Connectivity: Ethernet, Dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, 1 x stereo (3.5mm)
Dimensions: 229 x 117 x 135mm
Internal power: 26.5W (woofer) + 3.5W (tweeter) continuous
Frequency response: Not stated

Please note: Klipsch distribution has moved to QualiFi since this review. Please check with QualiFi for current pricing.

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Response graphs for Sound+Image wireless speakers test

The graphs are for the 13 wireless speakers tested in Sound+Image April-May 2017 issue. Please read those reviews, which add additional commentary to the graphs.