Melco, the audiophile division of the leading Japanese computer peripheral company, Buffalo Technology, has launched its Melco D100 Optical Disc Drive. This unit is now available in Australia.

The Melco D100 Drive ($1,850) is an external optical drive that can play or import CDs via USB to your existing Melco music library or to any other audiophile music storage system. ‘Rather than use inferior data drives designed for IT applications, Melco has introduced a specialised optical disc drive specifically optimised for high quality audio playback and data transfer,’ said Mark Gusew, of BMC Wholesale, which distributes Melco in Australia. ‘There is a huge difference in the sound quality that comes from this approach. This allows for high integrity bit-perfect CD imports/rips of your favourite music. Effectively it’s archive quality.’

The D100 CD Drive uses a latest generation Japanese-made optical drive that is mounted in a low resonance, anti-vibration platform that Melco dubs its ‘Highly Stable Storage System’ (HS-S2) which is in turn secured to a 2mm-thick steel chassis fixed to the thick aluminium casework, for a total weight of 3.5kg. ‘This provides extreme mechanical stability for bit-perfect reads,’ says Gusew, ‘while the internal circuitry has been designed to audiophile standards with a Melco-designed power supply filter and a low jitter clock generator specifically chosen for accurate reading and importantly, data signal transmission, via the two USB 3.0 ports on the rear panel.’

One of the two USB 3.0 ports connects to a Melco music library or PC while the other is for playback via an external USB-DAC. ‘This arrangement allows the D100 to operate as a regular CD player via the Melco music library,’ Gusew told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘By using a quality external USB-DAC, the combination delivers performance of a high end CD player. By keeping the CD mechanism separate from the main Melco library, system reliability is ensured, whilst sound quality is maximised.’

The Melco D100 can also be used to transfer CD data directly to a computer or another other brand of music library, such as a Sony, Linn, Naim, Cyrus or Lumin network player and a conventional NAS, and is also capable of reading CD, DVD and BD formats. ‘By using the Melco D100 to import your CD collection, you are assured of extracting the very best sound quality possible,’ said Gusew. Available now, the Melco D100 retails for $1,850 (RRP) and is only available direct from BMC Wholesale. 

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