Off-roaders and tech heads can choose from some stylish new plates to customise their ride, with the latest releases from myPlates.

myPlates has had a carbon-fibre style option for some time, but now they’ve added colour options in red, green and blue carbon-fibre (above), made available for cars only, at this stage. These fill out a ‘tech’ range of custom plates along with mesh grille and brushed metal options, and a chequer steel finish.

For off-roaders, the Wanderlust range may suit – mildly tacky with their tag-lines “Happiness… is a road trip” and “The road is my home” (sadly the slogans are not customisable), but they make a colourful option for getting spattered with red dirt as you head down the track.

Prices vary from a one-off fee or $299 for the tech range and $330 for the Wanderlust series, plus – something to consider, this, if you’re thiking of plates as a gift — an ongoing personalised annual fee of $105 per year.

The new designs join a wide raft of colour, texture and patterned plates. including the existing Australiana range (Outback plate pictured).

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