Nordost’s technical guru, Bjorn Bengtsson, last night wowed a crowded demonstration room at Sydney’s Audio Connection store in Drummoyne.

Rather than demonstrate differences between cables, which he says are easily demonstrated by hi-fi dealers, Bjorn Bengtsson [pictured above] said he was going to instead use the evening to concentrate on the most controversial topics in cables—and demonstrating the improvements that can be made by upgrading your 240V power cables, your USB cables and your Ethernet cables. In an engaging and informative two-and-a-half hour demonstration, Bengtsson played everything from Prince to Peggy Lee to make his point, and succeeded in converting even the sceptics in the audience. When challenged on the audibility of USB cable by one member of the audience, Bengtsson answered: ‘I would encourage you to walk into a computer store and tell them you’re building a computer audio system, and ask if the type of USB cable you use will make a difference to the sound quality. They will say “No, it’s all just ones and zeros.” Then ask them if they sell different quality USB cables… and they will say “Yes”. The difference is that our cables have fast rise times, so you have a better chance of getting a ‘one’ or a ‘zero’ coming through correctly.’

Despite its Nordic name, Nordic logo, Nordic model names, and Nordic gurus, Nordost is an all-American company that designs and manufactures its products in Holliston, Massachusetts. ‘Historically, the original marketing guy was Danish, and he was the driving force behind the names,’ Bengtsson told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘I guess he thought the names would sound exotic to Americans. Also, Nordost means ‘North West’ and that’s where the company is based in the US.

In addition to consumer demonstrations, Bengtsson was also conducting dealer training for Advance Audio, which distributes Nordost in Australia. ‘Bjorn has helped demystify cones and cables for us, and made concrete the concept of ‘Chase the Quality’ when upgrading your cables,’ said Michael Di Meglio, of Advance Audio. ‘He’s also shown us the technical basis for why mix ‘n matching cables is not the way to go when linking the various components in a system, and why it’s so important to follow the conception of just a single cable manufacturer.

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Pictured Below: Michael Di Meglio, Advance Audio (left),  Johann Graham (International Marketing, Nordost) and Bjorn Bengtsson (Nordost).