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Q&A with Mat Latour of Nagra

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Q&A with Mat Latour of Nagra

What ignited your interest in the high end? Did it come from the music side, family, or the electronics side? I was fascinated by music and sound reproduction from an early age. At age two I was putting my plate upside down and using the knife as a tonearm! My father is an engineer and sang in a choir; my grandmother was a piano teacher; so music and technology were part of our life. What gear made up your first high-end system?… Read the full article

Ranagri: Playing for Luck

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Ranagri: Playing for Luck

This is soulful music played by gifted artists who bring vision and virtuoso chops to their work. The contemporary-folk group Ranagri enchants while living up to the promise of the SACD stereo format, putting the listener virtually in the studio with a chilling level of intimacy. The players are conservatory-level musicians who augment the core instrumentation of six- and four-string acoustic guitars, piano, bass, and percussion with such exotic fare as bansuri, whistles, shakuhachi, harmonium, chlarsach, and memotron (a digitized mellotron).… Read the full article

Polk S50 Speakers Review

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The Polk S50 speakers are the smallest floor-standing speaker in Polk Audio’s Signature range with a starting local price of $585. Disclaimer: The Polk S50 speakers sent to us are a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Polk for giving us this opportunity. To read more about speakers we have […]

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Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

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Honor Band 5 will be unveiled on July 23, but you’ll have to wait to buy one

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After a solid teaser of the Honor Band 5, the latest news of the upcoming fitness band is a pre-order page for those in China that gives us a clear look at the device and when we can expect it.

July 23 is the big day for the unveiling of the new tracker in China, and it's expected to be introduced alongside the Honor 9X smartphone.

The photos of the tracker provided in the listing show a remarkably similar design to the Honor Band 4, but the listing does share a look at the colors; those will be black, midnight blue and coral.… Read the full article

Google Pixel 3 deals a bit pricey right now? These are your best camera phone options

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Since its release back in late 2018, the Google Pixel 3 has been praised as one of the best camera phones around. Google's camera quality combined with impressive software has made it a perfect choice for many. The only issue…Google Pixel 3 deals have recently shot up in price and we mean really shot up.

Gone are the £20 a month contracts we had become accustomed to and in are deals way above what is worth paying. So what can fans of strong camera phones do instead?… Read the full article

Google Pixel 4 will see series’ first RAM upgrade, as well as a bigger screen

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While the Google Pixel 3 was definitely 'premium' in terms of price, some of its features – like a small screen size, and low RAM – didn't adhere to what we consider a flagship phone. It looks like the Google Pixel 4 could address some of those concerns, however.

Speaking to BGR, insider sources have confirmed two major upgrades to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, in terms of the RAM of each device, and the size of the screens.… Read the full article

YouTube Music now lets you switch between audio and video with ease

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YouTube Music got a nifty new feature this week for its Premium subscribers, allowing you to switch seamlessly between audio and video playback without interrupting the flow of a song.

YouTube announced the feature in a blog post on July 18, running users through the change – available for Premium subscribers on both the YouTube Music streaming platform and YouTube itself.

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KLIAVS 2019: Creative AV to debut ELAC VELA speakers

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ELAC VELA FS 409 speaker
ELAC VELA FS 409 speaker


Go to Creative AV’s room during next weekend’s KL International AV Show to hear the new ELAC speakers.


Creative AV will be featuring the ELAC VELA FS 409 and the VELA BS 403 speakers in its demo system.


Both speakers have trapezoid shapes and are angled rearwards. Usage of aluminium and glass gives the speakers a classy look.

Both also feature new wave guides for the JET tweeters.


The VELA FS 409 is a floorstander with a 3½-way, bass reflex design using two 180 mm woofers featuring AS XR cones, a 150 mm cone midrange and a JET 5 tweeter.… Read the full article

UAE jumps 16 places globally to rank 25th in fastest fixed broadband speed in June

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UAE has jumped 16 places to rank 25th in fixed broadband speed and connectivity globally, according to Ookla’s Global Speed test Index conducted in June this year.

The global speed test compares internet speed data from around the world on a monthly basis. Data for the index comes from the hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people using speed test every month, out of 177 countries.

“Etisalat and du have recently doubled the speed for businesses and consumers which led to an increase in business productivity in the country,” Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of UAE, said.  

The global average download speed is 59.45Mbps while the upload speed is 30.72Mbps.… Read the full article