Behold The Pacific.

I walked past the room at RMAF without noticing the sign, stopped dead in my tracks, and did a 180-degree turn. I peered through the partially-opened door into the darkness beyond, and noticed all the people jammed inside with their eyes closed swaying to music like strange priests involved in some taboo ritual. I stepped in, and looked over some shoulders to better understand what dark arts were being worshipped. Then I saw it: the idol these former Ascetics had become entranced by.

It was huge, it was shiny, it glowed brightly with a mesmerizing light, and it sounded amazing. “What is it?” I asked… in a hushed tone a man next to me whispered “It’s the brand-new Lampizat0r Pacific DAC.”


The audiophile altar being worshipped.

Noble-RMAF-2017 940 x 300

RMAF 2017 coverage is proudly sponsored by Noble Audio.

According to LampizatOr that while the Pacific flagship DAC (Price TBD) has deep design roots in previous models, every single part of it is completely new. From transformers, chokes, capacitors and tubes, to the power supply, through the DAC section, and control/management/attentuator to the tube output – it’s all been re-thought. Not to be outdone, the team decided on a fresh chassis approach with mirror-polished brass to compliment the new, and expanded space the larger internals required.


“When I grab the ring it’s always… Brass.” – Eartha Kitt.

It’s definitely a big component, and seemed to outmuscle , size-wise, the newly-revised Generation Six 211 balanced power amplifiers ($12,995 USD/pair) that were on hand providing the juice to the Salk Song3 Encore loudspeakers ($5, 895 USD/pair). Pre-amplification was (I believe, as these 211 amps are true-balanced, and don’t necessarily need a pre-amp according to LampizatOr nomenclature) LampizatOr’s own, which was mounted behind the DAC.


New Generation Six balanced power amp.

This room had outstanding timbre, and tone, and deep, organic bass lines, and midrange that didn’t suffer an iota from the air, and extension the top end displayed. “Addictive Musicality” is what I scrawled in my RMAF brochure book next to the room name. Sound-staging actively changed from recording to recording (as it should be because sound stage is derived from the recording, not the equipment), which to me is always a hallmark of a truly transparent, and properly-engineered set-up.

I’m waiting on detailed specs from the company, and will add them to the room review as soon as I receive them.

–Rafe Arnott