Spying the Scaena (pronounced Sane-a) room, I was happy to hear their fabulous sounding speakers once again. This time it was the Scaena Model 3 ($90,000 pair including the two big subwoofers), driven by a High Fidelity Cables MA-1 amplifier ($30,000), fed by a four-stack dCS Vivaldi system ($114,996 total) and connected by High Fidelity cables.

Surprise of surprises, this room only played those good old silver discs. After seating myself nearfield, I offered up my Channel Classics SACD, Perla Barocca, with violinist Rachel Podger and friends playing Bertali’s rollicking Ciacona. The soundfield was extremely spacious, and the air around Podger’s piquant instrument truly exciting. I also loved how Podger’s instrument floated in space above the other instruments, and how delightful and beautiful Marcin Swiatkiewicz’s organ sounded. Midrange, however, was a mite gray and thick-sounding, with sounds a bit muddled. I’d point to the room as the culprit.