SVS subwoofers can now be controlled — even programmed — from your smartphone, using one of the neatest, easiest-to-use apps we’ve seen.

Launched at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last this year, SVS’s newest subwoofers, which can be controlled by SVS’s new app, are already available in Australia from distributor Final Link Audio. The SB-16 Ultra sells for $3,999 and the PB-16 for $4,499 (RRP). These two subwoofers are the biggest and most powerful subwoofers SVS has ever developed with 16-inch drivers and 1,500-watt amplifiers.

Both subwoofers also use a 50MHz Analog Devices DSP device to enable continuously variable volume/gain control, continuously variable (0–180 degrees) phase control and continuously variable (50–160Hz) 12dB/octave low pass filter and three user-adjustable parametric equalisation circuits, and it’s all this (and more) that can be controlled from your smartphone, said Smith Freeman, Director of Product Management at SVS, who was only too happy to demonstrate the app to Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘As you can see, the app is super intuitive to use, and super-good, but if you have problems, there’s a phone support function built into the app itself,’ he said. ‘But you don’t have to use the app at all if you don’t want, because our subwoofers are all set-up to run ‘out of the box’, and have rear-panel hard controls, as well as a completely separate dedicated remote control.’

Asked about the philosophy behind the design of SVS subwoofers, Freeman said: ‘It’s all about immersion, so we always over-design the product to achieve this — we will never de-content a product to meet a price point. That’s why the drivers in these subs have an eight inch voice coil, dual spiders, a full elliptical rubber surround and a simply massive magnet structure.’

SVS quotes the SB-16 Ultra’s frequency response at 16 to 460Hz ±3dB and the PB-16 Ultra’s frequency response at 15–280 Hz ±3dB (standard mode); 13–280 Hz ±3dB (extended mode) and 14–360Hz ±3dB (sealed mode).

For more information, contact SVS’s Australian distributor, Final Link Audio.