By Jez Ford | Thursday, 07 April 2016 01:01

SYNCHRONISED TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD, aka Syntec, is returning. It will officially commence trading on May 1st 2016 as an import and distribution partner within Australia and New Zealand for four key brands of audio equipment, spanning both professional and consumer electronics markets.

The brands are: 

beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG. Germany:

Syntec will be distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand for the company’s full portfolio of consumer headphones and professional headsets. (

Fostex Company:
Syntec will be distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand for the company’s wide range of recording equipment and speaker componentry. (

Syntec will be distribution partner in Australia for this range of contemporary, premium headphone stands (
Syntec will be distribution partner in Australia for their full range of Windshield Systems and Shock Mount Systems (

For over 40 years, Syntec International was proud to be a sales partner of many key global brands,” says Michael Sloss, Managing Director of the new Syntec. “With the benefit of the experience gained we are well positioned moving forward with the new company. We will not only be able to serve our own customers with our expertise and excellent service, but also extend this to the end-users of our distribution partners products.” 

Syntec International was distributor of Sennhesier products in Australia until 2013, when Sennheiser itself took over the company to operate directly here.

Upon the successful sale of the Syntec International business in September 2013, we are now in a position with SYNCHRONISED TECHNOLOGY to continue on with our representation for these key global brands across both Australia and/or New Zealand,” says Sloss.