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Axis Voicebox S Mini Monitors

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A Voice Straight to The Point

by Venoth Nair


Axis Voicebox S
The front and rear of the AxisVoiceBox S with its simple stylish look. Note the offset speaker connectors

The Axis Loudspeakers name is somewhat new to the industry but the story behind the product is rather illustrious. The company which hails from the land down under comprises of two engineers in the Hi-Fi industry namely John Reilly and Brad Serhan.  The two which have a lengthy experience in both the world of Hi-Fi and music know what engineering principles to apply when developing their speakers.… Read the full article

Newport 2016: Redgum plays mind tricks from Down Under

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RG135ENR comes in three flavors: 65 w/per channel, 120 w/per channel, and 175 w/per channel. Prices rise accordingly.

Newport250x2501The unassuming, and slightly rumpled dude in the corner of a Colleen Cardas Imports room at Newport Beach looked aloof, smart, and slightly bored as he scrolled through the screen on his smartphone. I immediately pegged him as Ian Robinson, founder, and electronics engineer behind REDGUM Audio out of Melbourne, Australia. I sat down for a spell, and took in the simple, no-frills set up placed on a covered table against the long wall across from me.… Read the full article

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