Audio Ramblings – The Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable, B 5.1 Arm, and Donatello MC Cartridge

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All components in BOLD are loaned; all components in standard face are owned by me.


Vandersteen Quatro Wood Carbon. Enigma Acoustics Tweeters. Reimer Speaker Systems Tetons (with the Hi-Vi Isodynamic Planar tweeters and series crossovers) heavily treated with Marigo VTS Dots. 


PS Audio BHK 250 amplifier, PS Audio BHK Signature preamplifier. Clayton Audio M200 monoblock amplifiers (with Hi-Fi Tuning and Furutech fuses), Channel D Lino phono stage, and the Heed Thesis phono stage. DEQX PreMate + (preamp) Marantz 2230 receiver, and the Kora integrated.… Read the full article