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Warsaw 2017: Boenicke, the little speaker that could

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Wanna get seriously impressed by a small speaker? Wanna see how big of a sound a speaker the size of o book can throw? Visit a Boenicke room and get ready to throw your floor-standers out of the window.

There is not a single show that Boenicke did not manage to impress by the volume of air it manages to move with such a small speaker as the W5. This is easily the smallest and more capable little marvel I can think of, weighting in at 3.5 kilos and featuring a 3″ widebander paired to a 5.25″ long throw woofer (as in loooong throw) with a simple, quality parts only, 1st order crossover.

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Ten highlights from the Warsaw AV Show 2017

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The 2017 Warsaw AV Show is in the books and its visitor numbers tallied: 14,000 people put their ears in the National Stadium, the Golden Tulip Hotel and the Sobieski Hotel during the show’s three day run. Click here for a video overview.

This is what a less congested room looked like:

Breaking it down: 1400 visitors (10%) dropped by on Friday, 8400 (60%) on Saturday and 4200 (30%) on Sunday.

The seriously impressive head count was felt particularly strongly in Warsaw’s National stadium on Saturday at 11am, a mere 60 minutes after doors clicked open.… Read the full article

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