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Wavelength Ethernet Spacelator | RMAF 2018

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Wavelength Ethernet Spacelator prototype

Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio is no stranger to controversy. He’s the guy that single-handedly brought computer-based audio into the realm of high-fidelity with “asynchronous USB”, and most such products today either use his work or leverages his ideas. That’s a nice way of saying that he had to slog through an unending bog of nonsense from partially informed but fully opinionated audiophiles that have, at various times, hailed him as both heretic and hero. So, when he introduces a new product like the “Wavelength Ethernet Spacelator”, you just have to cringe along with him.… Read the full article

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AudioQuest shipping Beetle DAC network bridge

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Bringing it all together… Beetle.

AudioQuest has the Beetle DAC page live on it’s website, and is taking orders, and shipping them out… which means… WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. For those not in the know the Beetle is capable of delivering uncompressed music via optical or asynchronous USB inputs, it also features asynchronous Bluetooth connectivity, and is an audiophile-grade digital-network bridge for all your high-tech home electronics to turn digital audio into analog audio.


How it works.

AQ is also touting the Beetle as “the perfect complement to a TV’s optical audio output” which it very well could be, and since I’ve yet to be able to connect my own monster flat screen to my home audio system, I’m hoping to try out the Beetle for review in the coming months, and get a taste of what the future looks, and sounds like.… Read the full article

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