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Ruth Palmer, Johann Sebastian Bach | The Vinyl Anachronist

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Whenever you set up a new analog rig, what do you play first? Do you trot out one of your reference LPs, the type that really tells you what’s going on with a specific component, or do you throw on something expendable in case you screwed everything up? I veer toward the latter, but I really had to give this new direct-to-disc recording from Berliner Meisterschallplatten a spin because I had been waiting to pick up a couple of turntables for review–the Technics SL-1200G and the Dr.Read the full article

CAF 2018: MoFi, Tenacious Sound and a Whole Lotta Real Estate

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Tenacious Sound, one of my old dealers out of Syracuse, New York, has been busy expanding over the last couple of years–owner Shayne Tenace has moved his base of operation into Augusta, Georgia and has just purchased a store in Jacksonville, Florida. Shayne teamed with industry stalwarts such as Jonathan Derda from MoFi and Lenny Mayeux from Audience to make a big presence at the 2018 Cap[ital Audiofest. Tenacious Sound had a total of eight systems set up in four separate rooms, covering nearly all price points.… Read the full article

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RMAF 2018: New Soundsmith ES

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When I was young, I remember having to recite a poem that had a couple of lines that went something like this:

I wish that I could be

A man like he,

The only man in the world who could do what he does.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Peter Ledermann, head of Soundsmith. He certainly makes great cartridges—I’ve used his Hyperion at a show, the one with the cactus needle for a cantilever, and I spent almost a year using a Rega RP6, the first version of the Soundsmith Carmen and one of Peter’s MM phono preamps as a back-up rig.… Read the full article

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