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FLORIDA 2019: The Best of The Show, and Wrap-Up

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To wrap things up, I think the major question of the show was answered. If the Florida Audio Expo was indeed an experiment, I think the results have given us a proof of concept. Attendance at the show was solid from hour-one on Friday through Sunday close. Exhibitors brought their A-game. The efforts from local dealers and manufacturers afar combined to offer up an especially engaging in-room experience. In some ways, all the factors of what make a great sounding and informative listening session were ticked.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019: More from Doshi, Joseph, and Cardas

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We often talk about best-in-show systems or components. Seldom do we ever distill our show going experience down to a best-in-show moment. There in Florida, with Doshi Audio and Joseph Audio in control, I had a best-in-show moment.


Our other-other guy on the staff, Lee Scoggins, covered this Florida Audio Expo room and system back in February (read it HERE). Now, here at the tail-end of my own show coverage, I felt the timing was right to speak about my own experience with Doshi and Joseph as it pertains to reel-to-reel tape, realism, and magic.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019: Anthem, Paradigm, Maximum, Tributaries, Clarus, Pro-Ject and the sound of science

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When Paradigm’s Persona series of speaker first launched a few years ago, I ran (well, drove) to my nearest dealer to hear them. When I arrived, it was also the day that the Persona’s 5F towers had arrived. I helped with the un-boxing and set-up, and was rewarded with getting that first listen. I returned a few weeks later to hear how well they were after an ample break-in period. They had improved from my sense memory, and possibly a little better positioning.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019: Dynamic Sound Associates (DSA), Analogue Productions, VPI Industries, Luminous Audio Technology, Vienna Acoustics, Tweek Geek

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Dynamic Sound Associates (DSA) and Analogue Productions hosted a two room exhibition of high-quality vinyl pressings, along with award winning systems. DSA always impresses, no matter the show or venue, and this time at the Florida Audio Expo was no different.


It was only a little over one year ago that I heard DSA’s Pre I, Phono II, and Amp I helming a system consisting of a VPI Industries front end, and Studio Electric loudspeakers handling the “presentation” position of the audio chain.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019: Play It Again Audio, Resolution Acoustics, Little boy blue come blow your horn

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Play It Again Audio was showing a system curated from their large inventory of pre-owned high-end audio equipment. Resolution Acoustics was showing us how a well assembled system of acoustic room treatments could take a stereo system from “meh”, to “WOW!”

Buying or selling high-end audio equipment from the second-hand market can raise more anxiety than I’m willing to deal with most days. Here is where Play It Again Audio comes in to play, to ease those feelings, when you are either the buyer or the seller.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019 – Soundfield Audio, VAC, NAD, Big sound or little, you decide

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Soundfield Audio is their founder and lead creative mind, Ammar Jadusingh, also known as “AJ”. He has been designing and building loudspeakers since the early days of his electrical engineering career. Ammar’s ardent study in the subject of psycho-acoustic perceptual research continued him down the road, where his own breakthroughs and practical hands on experience would lead him to develop the loudspeakers we sit in front of today.


The Soundfield CTA1 active loudspeakers are Ammar’s newest baby. Being these are active speakers, let’s start up the chain with how they are powered.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019 – Michael Chafee Enterprises, Gyraf Audio, TC Electronic, Genelec, Benchmark

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If you were lucky, in-the-know, or possibly even lost at the show, you might have stumbled upon Michael Chafee Enterprises‘ absolute stunner of an exhibition room at the Florida Audio Expo. Generally it’s the system which demands a story, and not to say this one does not meet that criteria, I can’t help but defer to another subject. The true story of this exhibit room, is in fact Michael Chafee himself.


Michael Chafee

Michael Chafee has a long and legendary career as a manufacturers representative for nearly more brands than I am willing to list here.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019: Mytek Digital built a Bridge to Brooklyn, and then proved it was good

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Shortly after the opening of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, a rumor started circulating around the city that the bridge was in fact unstable and likely to collapse. To prove the engineering marvel was indeed safe for public passage, P. T. Barnum marched a twenty-one elephant parade (with media present) across the span of the Brooklyn Bridge, and back.


The Mytek Digital Brooklyn DAC+ was on exhibit in the halls of the Florida Audio Expo. We’ve covered that model in terms of exhibition and specs, but never really spent a good chuck of time with it for a listen.

Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019 – Sumiko Analog, Pro-Ject, Sonus Faber, Pangea Audio

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Pro-Ject was on site demonstrating the EISA-award-winning combination of Roon-enabled network endpoint (StreamBox S2 Ultra) and MQA capable DAC (PreBox S2 Digital) with two sets on hand for listening. In addition to the streaming and digital products, they were showing their higher performance RPM-series turntable, and Sonus Faber Guaneri Homage loudspeakers.

For myself it’s the PreBox S2 Digital that is and should be all the rage. A small, 5V driven stereo DAC / Preamplifier box, with a built-in headphone amplifier. It’s spec’d out in ways, that I almost consider it a portable device as well, despite its intended design for desktop or audiophile rack based systems.… Read the full article

FLORIDA 2019 – Tortuga Audio, Triode Wire Labs, a mystifying and luxurious sound

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Tortuga Audio Products brought forth one of the most interesting loudspeakers of the show — the LoggerHead, a 2.8 cubic foot two-way ported speakers sans internal passive crossovers. The loudspeakers do require external crossovers and bi-amping (not included) and are custom made to order. Triode Wire Labs tied it all together with red, white, and blue.


Furthermore from Tortuga were two pieces that intrigued me endlessly, the LDR3.V25 Passive Preamp, a light dependent photo-resistor (LDR) based single-ended volume controller with graphic OLED display and three input switching, and their TPB.V1 tube preamp buffer.… Read the full article