RMAF 2018: Gershman Acoustics, VAC, VPI, Nordost, Audio-Technica and the Art of Being POSH

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Naming a speaker POSH? This would all seem silly if the system in the Gershman Acoustics room didn’t offer a luxurious and exceptional sound. Ofra and Eli Gershman were showing off their new POSH Statement loudspeakers ($129,000/pair), powered by a VAC Statement 405S amplifier ($46,000) and a VAC Master preamp with phono ($40,000), with a VPI turntable using the hottest new thing in phono cartridges, the Audio-Technica AT-ART1000 ($4995). All cabling was from Nordost. Two more modest Gershman speakers were being rotated in and out of the system, but I was treated to the POSH, and the sound was every bit as opulent as the name implies.… Read the full article