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Vancouver Audio Festival 2018: Shelter from the storm on Opening Night

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McIntosh Labs and YG Acoustics.

First the rain came straight down. Then the rain came sideways. Then it seemed to be coming up at me from the ground as I ran from a coffee shop to make my way to Hi-Fi Centre for the opening of the Vancouver Audio Festival late Friday afternoon. I was reminded of a scene in Forrest Gump where he describes similar rain experiences in Vietnam during his time in the war, and I was silently thankful to be taking shelter from the storm in warm, and cozy environs with like-minded audiophiles.… Read the full article

Vancouver Audio Festival returns April 20-21st at Hifi Centre

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April 20th, to 21st: Vancouver Audio Festival

Hi-fi Centre is playing host once again to the Vancouver Audio Festival from April 20th, to 21st. This is the second time the downtown dealer has stepped into the void left by the cancellation of the Vancouver Audio Show by Chester Group. Owner Igor Kivritsky said it was a “no-brainer” after a successful trial run in 2017.


The new Focal Kanta will be featured.

“We were extremely pleased with the attendance and reactions we received last year and have decided to make this an annual event. 

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RMAF 2017: Gryphon Audio delivers the big sound in Denver

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Going big: Gryphon.

Big systems can be difficult to curate components for, especially ones where you have massive, multi-driver speaker arrays with complex crossovers that can soak up a lot of efficiency. Loudspeakers around 88-90 dB need higher power/current amplifiers to drive them with real dynamics. So if you’re a speaker manufacturer, and your designs are of the big, multi-driver type, you need to make sure your customer base is aware of the power requirements, or you could just build and design the whole system chain of components, which is what Flemming E.… Read the full article

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