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Ruth Palmer, Johann Sebastian Bach | The Vinyl Anachronist

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Whenever you set up a new analog rig, what do you play first? Do you trot out one of your reference LPs, the type that really tells you what’s going on with a specific component, or do you throw on something expendable in case you screwed everything up? I veer toward the latter, but I really had to give this new direct-to-disc recording from Berliner Meisterschallplatten a spin because I had been waiting to pick up a couple of turntables for review–the Technics SL-1200G and the Dr.Read the full article

Notes of an Amateur: Goerne Sings Bach; Two New Penderecki Releases

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Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantatas for Bass. Matthias Goerne, baritone. Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Gottfried von de Goltz. Harmonia Mundi HMM 902323.

If dark power is what you want in Bach’s cantatas for bass—and you surely should—then Matthias Goerne is the answer to your prayers. Eloquent darkness is not always what we get from true basses, but it is exactly what you get from a low baritone like Goerne. Though of course, no one is really like Goerne. He is a human double bass, bass trombone, contrabassoon.… Read the full article

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