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STS Recordings Audiophile CD

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Audiophile Classics

by Dick Tan
An STS Recordings Audiophile CD. Also available in LPs and even Open Reel format
An STS Recordings Audiophile CD. Also available in LPs and even Open Reel format

STS Recordings, a subsidiary of STS Digital, a Netherlands based digital recording specialist records and produces a varied range of audiophile CDs, LPs and even Open Reel programme source for audiophiles and the hi-fi industry.


According to Fritz De With, the founder of STS Digital the goal of STS Recordings is to produce top quality audiophile CDs and LPs with a popular music and songs with their original dynamics, clarity and ambience absolutely intact.… Read the full article

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Koeppel Design Record Dividers

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Koeppel Design Record Dividers

It was about fifteen, sixteen odd years ago that I fell into the “vinyl” trap. Sure, growing up mom and pop had records, mostly of the classical Deutsche Gramophone variety; my ten years older brother had vastly greater selections diving into classic rock, some jazz and avant garde pop, but even he probably never made it past 500 or so albums. When I abandoned my Viennese homeland for the 2nd time in the early days of this century, September 2000, to be specific, I arrived on these fine shores with twenty odd albums in toe.… Read the full article

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The VPI Avenger and a Tale of Three Tables – Part 1

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Strap yourself in your seat, because we are going to go on a VIP ride with the VPI Avenger turntable. And yes, you dear readers are the VIPs in this adventure. This is part 1 of a 3 part series. The reason for the three parts is that I am going to review all three versions of the Avenger table that start at $10,000 for the ‘basic’ version and go up to $20,000 for the fully tricked out version.

Before I begin, I’m going to list the components that make up my reference system that were used for the review of the Avenger:

Zesto Andros 1.2 phono stage, Audio Research Ref 6 line stage, Audio Research Ref 75 amplifier with KT-150 output tubes, NOLA KO speakers, and Definitive Technology Reference subs.… Read the full article

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Top album picks for 2016

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Music. The lifeblood of audiophiles.

Or is it?

I’ve had this conversation several times with friends, a number of whom have thrown their head back and laughed in derision. “No way!” They snort, it’s all about the gear, and measurements, audiophiles don’t really like music, they just want to tweak, and tinker, swap out gear, and argue about whether those new speaker cables give more air to the upper registers on piano notes of Come Away With Me.

So perhaps this is a bit of a surprise for some: A bunch of audiophiles sharing their favorite albums of 2016.… Read the full article

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