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Manley Labs – CanJam SoCal 2019

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Manley Labs Absolute Headphone Amplifier at CanJam SoCal 2019.

The still NEW Manley Absolute Headphone amplifier is finally free for me to listen at this show, and only so because I bullied my way into position by telling EveAnna Manley that I was coming over and to reserve me a spot. As typical with Manley Labs, the Absolute is an all-tube affair which features on-the-fly switching between Triode and Single-Ended modes. Furthermore there are a fun set of EQ controls (defeatable if so needed), which is a pleasant thing to see considering tube-rolling may be a thing for some end-users.… Read the full article

Elite AV Distribution, Furutech, Kuzma, HRT, Plinius, Manley Labs | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

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LOS ANGELES (PTA) — In the past, I’ve always found Furutech audio show exhibits to be some of the most stunning to look at, but in my experience they’ve never included active demonstration systems. This time around was a different story with Elite AV Distribution at the helm, showing a multitude of Furutech components in both passive and active use, along with an active system of brands including Kuzma, HRT, Plinius, and Manley Labs.

In the active system, I had taken note of the latest turntable from Kuzma, called the Stabi R.… Read the full article

Must See Rooms, Day Two | T.H.E. SHOW 2019

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LOS ANGELES (PTA) — This year’s T.H.E. SHOW 2019 is bigger, better, and already on track to be the most newsworthy yet. There are over 1,000,000 brands exhibiting here in Long Beach — okay, okay — maybe not a million brands exactly, but 200 brands is definitely twice as many over last year. Which makes T.H.E. SHOW 2019’s event feel every bit like the premier audio show of America’s west coast. Lots of exciting manufacturer debuts are taking place at this year’s show, and we at Part-Time Audiophile are committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage of what’s NEW and out-of-this-world in our little Hi-Fi universe.… Read the full article

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EveAnna Manley of Manley Laboratories

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EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs. EveAnna gives us a tour of the factory in Chino, deliberates amplifier design and talks the finer points of the walking treadmill desk. Recorded directly at the lab in Southern California.

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