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Monthly Spins: July 2019

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It was a tepid month right up through the last week. Albums that I thought had promise I pitched out of my Tidal queue left and right. It felt hopeless until Black Midi finally arrived on the 21st. It’s a strange time in the music making world what with note-for-note reproductions of 70’s funk albums. Don’t get me started on Afro-futurism. New Age music being discovered by those too young to remember the first go around. Then there is the whole disco-electronica debacle that I hear coming out of some college radio stations.… Read the full article

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Monthly Spins: June 2019

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I guess you could call my quest for new music an obsession. I’ve had it since I was ten and often feel transported outside of myself by certain albums. It is a never ending quest for the divine sounds. Not that I discard and forget about old records, but sometimes they embody a particular feeling, of a passage in my life so intense that the record becomes the soundtrack to that emotional space. I feel this way about Radiohead’s In Rainbows, and although it’s one of their finest, I have to be ready to go through with playing it again.… Read the full article

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