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My Audio Life: Part 9, Headphone Amp Obsession

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By Steve Graham

Tubular Obsession Confession Time

Have you ever had an audio obsession?  Never happened to me, not much!

I became preoccupied with headphone listening for a while.  I still do it occasionally, but I really became obsessed with headphone amps.  The line of Earmax HPA’s from Germany became a particular fixation after reading a Ken Kessler review in HiFi News and Record Review many years ago.  I actually saw one in a display case at a stereo store some years ago but the shop owner didn’t offer me a chance to actually touch it, let alone listen to it.  Read the full article

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My Audio Life, Part 8

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My Audio Life (Part 8)

By Steve Graham

Tube Amp Rescue (extended mix)

A warning to those with short attention spans: This installment of My Audio Life is a bit, correction, make that very long-winded.  There are some nice pictures though, and a true story about a certain audio scribe that almost didn’t survive a social encounter.  Oh, and I talk about tube amps a bit too.

Does everyone remember the Thunderbirds of International Rescue fame?  These are to adult eyes cheesy but mostly harmless kids TV programs from the 1960’s. … Read the full article

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My Audio Life: Part 6

By | February 8th, 2017|Categories: Wall of sound|Tags: , , , , , |

 My Altec Adventures (continued)

By Steve Graham

The media room renovation is almost complete.  The room has essentially a nine foot ceiling.  A small part eight feet high, roughly in the centre, runs side to side and conceals duct work.  About half of the floor has been covered with Dricore™ and the rest has been raised slightly.  The blue on walls and ceiling have been covered with paint of a neutral colour, new carpet in neutral shade has been laid, new wood blinds hung and the base board and door trim reinstalled. … Read the full article

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