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AXPONA 2018: Raidho Shines with Chord, SME and Nordost

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Each and every show, Rune Skov seems to get great sound out of his Raidho-based systems. AXPONA 2018 had Raidho paired up with those crazy cats Jay and Richard at Bluebird Music and their sublime Chord Electronics and SME turntables. Cabling was Nordost Valhalla 2 with QB8 Mark 2 power box. Amplification was the relatively compact Chord CPM 3350 integrated amp ($14,400) and on the digital side a Chord Blu transport with M-Scaler technology ($11,788) and DAVE DAC ($12,488), a dynamite digital source.… Read the full article

RMAF 2017: The Sight of Sound

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A wrap-up photo journal of this year’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver, Colorado.

GTT Audio 
MasterBuilt Audio, Von Schweikert

High End by Oz
Raidho Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics

Neat Acoustics
Audia Flight, High Fidelity Services

Monitor Audio 
Roksan, Kevro International

Listen Up 
Tannoy, Peachtree Audio

Bricasti Design  
Wilson Benesch, Oyaide Cable

Zesto Audio 
Marten, Merrill-Williams Audio

Salk Sound, WyWires

Schiit Audio
Salk Sound

McIntosh Laboratories
Sonus Faber

Rogers High Fidelity, Wax Stacks

Vinnie Rossi, Anticables


Project Sumiko


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LA Audio Show 2017: Raidho D1.1 speakers create big sound from small box

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I get the impression that Raidho Acoustics is one of those high-end companies that does things in what it believes is the “right” way, no matter the cost.

laas9Raidho essentially confirms this on its website. “At Raidho, we are committed to develop and produce the best loudspeakers ever built,” reads the introductory paragraph. To pursue this lofty goal, Raidho uses extremely high-quality parts and materials – many developed within the company itself – and assembles its speakers by hand in its own factory in Denmark.… Read the full article

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Raidho Acoustics with Aavik and Nagra – CES 2017

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by Rafe Arnott

Serious speakers need serious amplification.
The Raidho Acoustics D-4.1 are what I consider serious speakers, and not just because they’re Danish (who seem serious about high fidelity), it’s because they’re big, and heavy, and need really powerful amplifiers to drive them.
Not necessarily.
Raidho says that the 140 lbs (each) D’Appolito-configured, floorstanding three-way loudspeakers nominally require more than 50 watts, but that their tests “have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers.”

But these speakers are so big… how can a little tube amp drive them?… Read the full article

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