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Warsaw 2017: The All Blacks team from VTL, VPI and Rockport

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A winning team, the American and not New Zealand, all blacks. The massive VTL S-400 II was driven by the company’s top of the line TL 7.5III pre amp. Avior II speakers by Rockport, in the only color Henry Ford recommended to his clients (that would be black) and analog front end by VPI, a beautiful Avenger fitted with a Lyra Delos and finally the VTL TP 6.5 phono stage.

In a sea of unknown Polish or eastern European brands, many of which were plain knock offs this was a very familiar room, aesthetically and sonically alike.

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Vancouver Audio Festival 2017: McIntosh, Transparent Cable and Sonus Faber

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Italian stallion.

There’s no denying that Sonus Faber, and McIntosh Labs make beautiful-looking gear. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and handmade nature of their speakers, and amplification components scream bespoke. But the reason these two marques of high-end audiophile fetishism do so well, and have been around so long is because they not only look amazing, they sound amazing.


Transparent Opus speaker cables.

The room set up at Hifi Centre for the Vancouver Audio Festival showcases the two audio houses connected by Transparent Audio cables, their Opus Series was in use for speakers (overkill said the Transparent rep), but I don’t think their openness was lost on the system.… Read the full article

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